Software Defined Network (SDN) --- Mininet, OVS, P4 switch, POX, RYU Learning Guide

Miniet,P4中文影音講解 (YouTube,內容持續更新中,百度雲盤,提取碼: d6wg)

[lab experiment]

A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet (2020/2/20 done)

SSH Tunnel (2018/12/27 done)

Static routing vs Dynamic Routing (Quagga: RIPv2)  (2020/04/07 done)

Simple rtsp server and proxy example (2020/4/9 done)  Extended work (2020/4/13 done)

How to add a node and a link at runtime? (2020/4/29 done)

Linux virtual server (NAT and DR) and HAProxy (2020/5/28 done)

One PC Two interfaces: one for send and the other for receive (2020/6/11 done)

Minievents: A mininet Framework to define events in mininet networks (2020/7/24)


[P4 Switch] Code can be downloaded from here.

P4-utils is an extension to Mininet that makes P4 networks easier to build, run and debug.

When I taught my students, the students recorded what I have taught. The voice and video quality may not be good. For reference only. (video, 2020/05-2020/06)

1.      Basic examples. (2020/4/25 done)

2.      L3 Routing (2020/4/25 done)

3.      Simple Controller to populate routing tables for any topology. (2020/4/25 done)

4.      Monitor Link BW (2020/4/30 done)

5.      reboot p4 switch (2020/5/3 done)

6.      Measure one way delay (2020/5/3 done)

7.      Send to CPU (2020/5/7 done)

8.      Implement the PacketIn function to install the routing rules (2020/5/14 done)

9.      ECMP (Equal Cost MultiPath) Test (2020/5/15 done)

10.  implement the idea in “A Zero Flow Entry Expiration Timeout P4 Switch” (2020/5/16 done)

11.  Anti TCP SYN Port Scan (2020/5/30 done) (2020/6/11 updated)

12.  H.264 RTP video streaming over P4 networks (2020/6/12 done)

13.  Using SVM to classify whether the traffic is normal or malicious ICMP attack (2020/6/27 done)

14.  Mininet-wifi(p4) roaming (2020/7/14 done)

15.  Simple controller 2 to handle the failed link and re-calculate the routing table (2021/3/20 done)

16.  Simple controller 3 to handle the failed link (like fast failover) (2021/3/21 done)

17.  Swap P4 program at runtime (2021/4/1 done)


My P4 VM (2017/11/19 done)

My First P4 program (2017/11/19 done)

P4_14 Spec: VM (2018/3/6 done)

P4 Switch: MAC Layer and IP Layer Forwarding (2018/3/7 done)

P4 Switch(p4-16): MAC Layer and IP Layer Forwarding (2018/8/9 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): source routing (Add the routing information at the ingress switch of network) (2018/8/13 done) method2 (2018/9/2 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): multipath transmission (2018/8/25 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): monitor the queue length of different output interfaces (2018/8/26 done)  method2 (2018/8/27 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): simple thrift controller to change the traffic transmission path (2018/8/29 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): video streaming (with priority queues) (2018/8/30 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): recirculate() example (2018/9/2 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): simple token bucket shaper (2018/9/8 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): P4 + OVS(openvswitch) mininet (2018/9/9 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): Broadcast (2018/9/9 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): meter example (2018/9/12 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): counter example->get link bandwidth consumption (2018/9/15 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): clone() and mirroring_add example (2018/9/18 done)

P4 switch(p4-16): lookahead, varbit example: count the number of http request (GET) and http response packets (2018/9/26 done)

P4 switch + mininet + docker host (2018/10/8 done)

P4 switch + DPI example (2018/10/17 done)

P4 switch + DPI example 2 (2018/10/25 done)

P4 Switch: P4-DNS (2018/12/9 done)

My Implementation for “High-Speed Data-Plane Packet Aggregation and Disaggregation by P4 Switches (2019/6/18 done)

P4 Switch(P4-16): GRE TUNNEL (2019/6/21 done)

P4 Switch(P4-16): anti-Port Scan (2019/6/25 done)

P4 Switch(P4-16): Port Knocking(2019/6/26 done)

P4 Switch(P4-16): Two different P4 switches (2019/7/2 done)

P4 Swtich(P4-16): anti-Sync Attack (2019/7/3 done)

How to run p4 bmv2 docker in mininet? (2019/12/30 done)

Using Linux (Ubuntu) VM as a P4 software switch (2020/6/29 done)



P4runtime: dynamically change the transmission paths (2018/7/24 done)


(load balancer for http service)

Connection Hash Load Balancer for P4 switch (2018/4/18 done, 2020/5/21 updated)

Round-Robin Load Balancer for P4 switch (2018/6/27 done, 2020/5/21 done)  P4 switch(p4-16) round-robin load balancer with 4 servers (2018/12/26)

P4 Switch(p4-16): random load balancer (2019/7/17 done, 2020/5/21 updated)

P4 Switch(p4-16): weighted round robin load balancer (2019/7/17 done, 2020/5/21 updated)

Dynamic Round Robin Load Balancer (2019/12/21 done)  version2: with fault detection (2020/2/25 done)

Performance evaluation (2019/12/21 done)

First implementation of my MOST project (MOST 108-2221-E-507-005-) (2019/12/21 done)

The second version of implementation for my MOST project (MOST 108-2221-E-507-005-) (2020/4/29 done)


Mininet + K3S (2020/1/15 done)



1.       How to run the command for mininet host in the root namespace ? (2021/3/14 done)

2.       Count packets on openvswitch (2021/3/14 done)

3.       Mininet-p4 3 QA (for my youtube video)  (2021/4/30 done)


[My Lab— with Pox Controller]

Lab 1: Create a network and run a simple performance test (2013/8/2 done)

Lab 2: Create a simple network and use a POX controller to contrl the behaviors of switch  (2013/8/2 done)

Lab 3: Use ovs-vsctl command to directly control open vswitch (2013/8/7 done)

Lab 4: Advanced ovs-vsctl usage examples (2013/8/7 done)

Lab 5: Dynamically change the network parameterschange link delay  (2013/8/7 done)

Lab 6: A simple controller (2013/8/7 done)

Lab 7: Measure the Path Loss Rate (2013/8/16 done)

Lab 8: Measure the Latency (2013/11/10 done)

Lab 9: Limit the bandwidth (2014/02/17 done)

Lab 10: Test features request/reply (2014/02/17 done)

Lab 11: Dynamically change the forwarding rules (2014/02/18 done)

Lab 12: Mininet Host talking to the Host on NCTUNS (2014/03/12)

Lab 13: Using Bellman-Ford to find a shortest path (2014/06/26)  For

Mininet Random Topology Generator (2016/01/22 done)

Generate Multiple Paths with equal cost (2016/02/29 done)

How to get the total number of openflow packets that are transmitted between controller and switches? (2016/8/25 done)

Using FNSS (Fast Network Simulation Setup) to build network topology for mininet emulation (2016/9/13 done)

Mininet Host Talk to Real PC (2016/10/12 done)

Router in mininet (2017/1/29 done)

Path Recovery when link is down (2017/7/23 done)

Simple NAT (2017/9/20 done)

A Mininet host in one VM talks to anther host in another VM via GRE tunnel (2018/2/23 done)

How to monitor the queue length in the mininet ? (2018/3/2 done)



Metering Function (2018/3/21 done)

Metering Function and Queueing (2018/3/21 done)


[MiniNAM: A Network Animator for Mininet]

MiniNAM (2018/4/17 done)


[Pyretic + Mininet] Read this before you run pyretic (Tips)

1. Routing (2015/6/23 done)  Dijkstra's Algorithm (2015/7/5 done)

2. Flow Monitor (2015/6/24 done) Throughput Measurement

3.Switch Monitor  (2015/6/28 done) Bandwidth Consumption Measurement

 4.Change the path when packet transmission (2015/6/28 done)

5.Find  a path with maximum capacity with Dijkstra's Algorithm (2015/7/7 done)

6.Find all shortest paths (2015/7/9 done)

7. Yen's K-Shortest Paths (2015/7/18 done)

8. Select one from all shortest paths with round robin method (2015/7/21 done)

9. Reduce the time of find a route (2015/7/21 done)

10.multiple controller: pyretic + pox (2015/7/22 done)

11. For my reader's question (2015/11/4 done)

12. Multipath Dijkstra Algorithm & ECMP (2016/3/21 done)

13. Available Bandwidth BasedDijkstras  Algorithm (2016/5/10 done)

14. Fat Tree Topology (with Dijkstras Algorithm) (2016/5/17 done)


[RYU + mininet]

1.       Shortest path  + OpenFlow13 (2015/12/21 done)

2.       Multipath transmission using RYU (2015/12/22 done)

3.       Dijktra Algorithm implementation in RYU (2016/9/21 done)

4.       Add a meter in RYU (2016/9/21 done)

5.       SDN experiment using Estinet RT188T switches (2016/12/28 done)

6.       How to create a simple network using switches that support openflow version 1.3 ? (2017/1/7 done)

7.       How to apply a meter in a user-level switch? (2017/6/11 done)

8.       Ingress Policing  + Queue (2017/6/19 done)

9.       Find the maximum capacity path with Dijkstra’s Algorithm in accordance with current network status (2017/6/20 done)

10.   Rest API (2020/4/28 done)


[RYU + mininet + NFV]

Monitor function (2017/1/29 done)

Firewall , Rate Limit (2017/5/7 done)

Simple SDN/NFV example (2017/6/19 done)


[VND and mininet-wifi

1.      @ramonfontes videos   (VND: Very Useful Tool) (mini-wifi: allows the using of both WiFi Stations and Access Points)  (Video Demo)

Mininet-WiFi: SDN emulator supports WiFi networks    mininet-wifi-discuss

wireshark experiment: lab1:Beacon Analysis (Chinese) lab2:Authentication (Chinese) lab3:Association (Chinese)

2.      coursera: SDN

3. mininet-wifi + pyretic: test1 (the controller allows the wired host to ping sta1, but not sta2) (2015/11/10 done)

4. mininet-wifi: test2 (one wireless stations with two physical interfaces. Each interface connects to different APs) (2015/11/17 done)

5 mininet-wifi: test3 (single path transmission vs. multiple paths transmission)  (2015/11/17 done) (2016/4/20 done) control (2016/4/21 done)


[Video transmission evaluation over mininet]

myEvalSVC-Mininet (1) (2015/01/30 modified)

myEvalSVC-Mininet (2) (2015/01/30 done)

VLC over SDN (2015/2/1 done)

myEvalSVC-Mininet (3) (2015/02/24 done)

ffmpeg_streaming (2016/10/7 done) Use ffmpeg to encode the video and do the streaming   ffmpeg_rtp_streaming (2018/6/13 done)

Mulitpath Transmission for Improved Video Delivery over software Defined Wired and Wireless Networks (2016/11/2 done) (Chinese version)

HEVC video transmission over mininet (2016/11/16 done)

ffmpeg_transcoding (2017/4/7 done)

Preferential detour of unimportant data stream in software defined networks for improving video transmission quality (2018/4/1 done, in Chinese)

Using Kodo Library (Network Coding) to provide Enhanced Video QoS (2018/12/29 done)

How to multicast video using VLC ? (2019/01/22 done)  Multicast Ping Test (2019/01/23)


[My SDN vmware image]

 VM (login name and password:  mininet/mininet)

dockernet VM  (When the dockernet.ova.rar file has been downloaded, rename the file as dockernet.ova. Import this file into your virtualbox or vmware.)

useful mininet script files


[My Talking Slide and Other Related Labs]

Software Defined Network (SDN) experiment using Mininet and POX Controller

Lab 1: basic mininet operations

Lab 2: manually control the switch

Lab 3: move the rules to the POX controller

Lab 4: set different forwarding rules for each switch in the controller

Lab 5: set traffic to different output queues (QoS issue) (2014/01/12 done)

Lab 6: FlowVisor (2014/01/21 done)

Lab 7: Multiple Tables Test (2014/01/25 done)

Lab 8: IP Load Balancer (2014/1/27 done)

Lab 9: Traffic measurement (2014/09/28 done)  Traffic measurement 2 (IP -> IP with mask --> TCP/UDP/ICMP)  (2014/11/11 done)

Lab 10: Duplicate Packets (2015/1/26 done)

Lab 11:Bridge remote mininets using VXLAN (2015/1/27 done)

Lab 12:Using l2_multi to find a shortest path (2015/1/29 done)  (implement Floyd-Warshall algorithm: find the shortest paths between all pairs of vertices. Refer to GeeksforGeeks for more information)

Lab 13:Using l2_bellmanford to find a shortest path (2015/2/3 done) (Bellman-Ford algorithm: computes the shortest paths from a single source to all of the other vertices)

Lab 14:Traffic Volume Control (2015/3/16 done)

Lab 15: A host with two interfaces (2015/4/9 done)  Ring Topology (2015/4/18 done) Three Hosts (2015/05/07 done) switch_host   switch_host2   switch_host3 (2015/5/11 done) application layer routing (2015/5/11 done) 0629Test (2015/6/29 done)

Lab 16: IPv6 example (2015/5/8 done)

Lab 17: IPv4 GRE Tunnel (2015/5/18 done)

Lab 18: Ingress Rate Limit (2015/5/27 done)

Lab 19: Stochastic Switch using Open vSwitch in Mininet (2015/7/31 done)

Lab 20: Performance evaluation of UDP flow transmission: single path vs. multiple paths (2015/9/4 done)

Lab 21:How to use iperf over mininet? (2015/9/15 done)  iperf_Question (2018/3/20 done)  performance measurement (get the packet delay)  (2018/4/8 done)

Lab 22:How to use bonding to increase the throughput? (2015/9/23 done)

Lab 23: Mininet Operations (2015/9/29 done: configure host as a router; DHCP; NAT; GRE tunnels)  VLAN (2015/9/29 done)  Wireshark Monitor Results (2015/9/30 done) Configure a Linux Bridge as a Hub (2015/10/27 done)

 Lab 24: Spanning Tree Protocol (2015/10/27 done)

Lab 25:MPTCP Test (multipath tcp) (2016/12/17 done)

Lab 26: arpsoofing behavior (2017/1/7 done)

Lab 27:Test Fast-Failover Group in OpenFlow 1.3 (2017/12/29 done)

Lab 28:Test Select Group in OpenFlow 1.3 (2018/1/1 done)

Lab 29: Test Group Chaining in OpenFlow 1.3 (2018/1/2 done)

Lab 30: Openvswitch Port Mirroring (2019/2/13 done)

Lab 31: Intrusion detection using Suricata in SDN (2019/2/23 done)

Lab 32: Network Bonding + MPTCP (2019/7/9 done)


[mininet + ns3 for SDN and WIFI simulations: 2014/09/06 done]

virtual machine: download (This work is based on . I have added the lxde for graphical mode operation. I also added some examples under /home/mininet/examples/ns3 for SDN and WIFI simulations. Please download the ova file. You can use VirtualBox: Import Appliance or Vmware to use this vm. Note: when you have downloaded the mininet-ns3.ova.rar, please directly change the file name to mininet-ns3.ova.)

1. Example 1:

h1(<---wifi-network-a--->[AP1--- s3 (open vswitch)---AP2 ] <---wifi-network-b--->h2(

wifi-network-a and wifi-network-b: 802.11a or 802.11b


2. Example 2:

h1( link--h0 (wireless router: and 10.0.01)-- s0(OVS)--h3(

h2 ( link--


3. Example 3:

h1( links0 ( AP + open vswitch)--wired link--h3(

h2 ( link--


4. Example 4: QoS example (2014/10/02 done)

h1( link (EDCA supported)--s0 ( AP + open vswitch)--wired link--h3(

h2 ( link(EDCA supported)--


5.Example 5: Bellmanford + Host 1 --wired link-- s3(open vswitch) -- ( WIFIBridgeLink) -- s4(open vswitch) -- ( WIFIBridgeLink) -- s5(open vswitch) --wired link-- Host 2  (2015/3/16 done)

6. How to run in Opennet? (2015/5/26 done)



環境安裝  (2016/3/13 done)   基本操作 (2016/3/13 done)        基本操作二 (2016/3/14 done)        dockernet基本操作(2016/3/14 done)     iperf3_gnuplot操作(2016/3/14 done)

橋接器與集線器 (2016/3/15 done) 路由器與靜態路由 (2016/3/16 done) dockernet:動態路由 (2016/3/21 done)

Mininet Host Talk to VirtualBox XP VM (2016/3/20 done)  VirtualBox VM talks to another VM via mininet network (2016/3/22 done)

NAT與DHCP(2016/3/27 done)  DHCP-HELPER (2016/3/27 done)

IPv6簡介1 (2016/3/28 done)  IPv6簡介2 (2016/3/28 done) GRE Tunnel (2016/4/11 done) DNS server (2016/4/11 done) PPTP server (2016/4/13 done) ip rule的使用(2016/4/14 done)

Mac Address Table Overflow Attack (2015/4/24 done)   DHCP masquerade Attack(2016/4/26 done)  Man in the Middle Attack:ettercap (2016/4/27 done) Man in the Middle Attack:bettercap (2016/5/15 done)

我的專題生: 蘇小民  CSIE NQU CTF



vnd與 openvswitch基本操作 (2016/3/17 done)  mininet與pox controller (2016/3/20 done)  openvswitch basic operations (2016/5/15 done)


[Linux Bonding]

Fault Tolerance Test (2016/11/2 done) (Chinese version)

Increase Throughput Test (2016/11/2 done) (Chinese version)



How to send traffic through tunnel? (2017/5/18 done)



DOS_attack (2018/3/16)



Let Private or Public host talk to the server in the Private networks (2018/3/20 done)




RYU SDN Framework:   RYU Controller Tutorial:

Mininet: (VT-Mininet: Virtual Time Enabled Mininet for SDN Emulation)


NetVis-Making Network Visualization Easy:




OpenFlow Experiment in Real-Time Internet Edutainment:

Sflow provides a means for exporting truncated packets, together with interface counters.

Windys Software Defined Networks:

Tech and Trains(MiniEdit):

OpenDayLight:1)  2)

Link modeling using ns3:

OpenNet: A Simulator for Software-Defined Wireless Local Area Network (built on top of mininet and ns-3)


roans Blog : openvswitch setup

hwchius Blog : Multipath routing with Group table at mininet (multipath and QoS application on RYU) (building a router with open vswitch) (wireless mesh software defined network) (test environment for openflow 1.3) (multicast over SDN with openflow) (building a router with Open vSwitch) (Stochastic Switching using Open vSwitch in Mininet)

SDN Fun! (Working with Networks/Graphs in Python)

OpenFlow & Mininet (written in Chinese) (SDN Resources) (ONOS for Newcomers)

MaxiNet (Distributed Emulation of Software-Defined Networks: it extends the Mininet emulation environment to span the emulation across several physical machines. This allows to emulate very large software-defined networks.)

miniNExt (it is an extension layer that makes it easier to build complex networks in Mininet. It includes: Routing engines, Servers, Connectivity components, NAT, and Network Management components.)

SDNLAB (包含mininet, openvswitch, openflow, opendayligh, onons, SDN工具系列實驗)

SDN-tutorial (github,中文)

SDN-Work (Takeshis SDN開發筆記)

Awesome SDN (A awesome list about Software Defined Network)

Learning Network Programming (Researching switched networks programming approaches and solutions): OPENFLOW  POX

Open-Source Routing and Network Simulation: mininet  OpenDaylight (many useful ryu applications) (OpenState-SDN/ryu: MAC Learning, Port Knocking, Server Load Balancing, DDoS mitigation) (XinUI is a simple UI for Ryu SDN Controller) (An Ryu application of multicast) (implementing QoS on an Openflow enabled network through use of MPTCP and ECMP) (How to Configure Network Teaming in Linux)

Compile openvswitch v2.7.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

Interesting use cases of RyU controller and OVS


[Network Function Virtualization]



1. dockernet (Extends Mininet API to use Docker containers as Mininet hosts.)

2.Running GUI apps with Docker  (mytest)




1. Python + Frenetic =Pyretic  Source:

2. Composing Software-Defined Networks


[Tun/Tap]  (Tun/Tap interface tutorial) (Tunnel tcp connection through http in Python) (tun/tap 運行機制) (Linux Tun/Tap wrapper for python)


[P4] (p4 tutorial) (P4_16 Introduction) (Chinese, P4: 編寫協議無關的包處理器) (p4app) (Compilation of P4 exercises, examples, documentation, slides for learning or teaching) (how extern functions should be implemented)


[p4-security] (Network Anti-Spoofing with SDN Data plane) (Using P4 to realize P4-based NFs) (Dearly DDoS Detection on Stateless Device) (DDoS Mitigation Using Switching ASICs) (Cloud-based DoS protection) (Filtering DDoS traffic using the P4 programming language)




[segment routing] Linux SRv6实战:VPN、流量工程和服务链(第一篇) Linux SRv6实战 服务链功能详解(第二篇) Linux SRv6实战 (第三篇) 多云环境下Overlay(VPP) Underlay整合测试 Linux SRv6实战(第四篇)-“以应用为中心Overlay & Underlay整合方案 LinuxSRv6Mininet IPv6安装配置发包测试 uSIDSRv6


[openvswitch + Docker] 基於openvswitch+Docker構建SDN網路測試環境 (使用ovs-docker進行構建) ovs-docker讓容器網絡支持Vlan隔離




[Contact Information]

Dr. Chih-Heng Ke (柯志亨)

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Quemoy University, Kinmen, Taiwan

Email: /