Simulation vs. Emulation


模擬(Simulation)即選取一個物理的或抽像的系統的某些行為特徵,用另一系統來表示它們的過程。模擬技術的高級階段稱為仿真模擬(Emulation)、系統仿真,即用數據處理系統來全部或部分地模擬某一數據處理系統,以致於模仿的系統能想被模仿的系統一樣接受同樣的數據、執行同樣的程序、獲得同樣的結果。 (參1)






               EmulationWhen one system performs in exactly the same way as another, though perhaps not at the same speed. A typical example would be emulation of one computer by ( a program running on) another. You migh use emulation as a replacement for a system whereas you would use a simulation if you just wanted to analyse it and make predictions about it. (參3)

               SimulationAttempting to predict aspects of the behaviour of some system by creating an approximate (mathematical) model of it. This can be done by physical modelling, by writing a special-purpose computer program or using a more general simulation package, probably still aimed at a particular kind of simulation (e.g. structural engineering, fluid flow). Typical examples are aricraft flight simulators or electronic circuit simulators. A great many simulation languages exist, e.g. {Simula}. (參4)